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Digital Marketing for E-commerce

We provide an overall Marketing plan and boost online sales through Digital Marketing and Advertising, helping your business stand out in the E-commerce market.

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Web Design & Development

Our first criteria when building the Websites is intuitive, professional and responsive to your diverse business objectives. The Website is developed with appropriate features which solve user problems and keep them coming back, help increase brand awareness on the online platform

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Omni Channel Solution

The Omni Channel business strategy is the trend of the times, especially effective for retailers and SMEs. We connect and take advantage of all online and offline channels in a unified platform, helping you increase revenue by optimizing the customer experience.

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Mobile Marketing

With the significant increase in the number of people and internet access time on mobile devices in recent years, Mobile Marketing is such a potential advertising channel. We flexibly apply various forms of Mobile Marketing to reach and expedite the purchase behavior of users directly and effectively.

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Fanpage Building A-Z

The service pack combines Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Facebook Marketing in an effective Fanpage building strategy. We guarantee professional quality, which helps you save more labor cost and management time.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing always shows its effectiveness in attracting the attention of customers. Our content strategies focus on increasing brand awareness, educating customers and making them loyal to the brand, with the ultimate goal of increasing conversion rates.

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Graphic Design

Always emphasizing the role of images in transmitting creative messages, we focus on Graphic Design service specializing in Digital Marketing and Building Brand Identity System, helping brands stand out in the eyes of consumers.

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook, which is used daily by nearly half of the world's population, is currently the top priority marketing channel in the 4.0 era. With an experienced and professional team, we help you solve the Marketing problem on Facebook effectively at a saving cost, bring significant results for your business, especially SMEs which are struggling with ads optimization.

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Search Advertising

This is a form of Marketing that directly approaches with potential customers and boosts sales through search engines. We provide a range of different SEM services for businesses and individuals, help to boost your business ranking on search results pages (SERPs).

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Display Advertising

We provide and set up display ads on sites belonging to the Google Network and Local Network, help to increase brand recognition and improve conversion rates for the Marketing campaign.

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Youtube Advertising

With more than 1 billion users, translated into 80 languages in 91 countries and 1 billion hours of daily viewing, Youtube is a dreamland for businesses and content creators to make money. We help build an effective Youtube channel and spread your Marketing campaign to worldwide audiences at an affordable cost.

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Web Tracking and Analytics

We help you set up a tracking system for your marketing campaigns, collect and analyze online customers’ data; thereby adjust the suitable strategy for your business. This solution is extremely necessary for the e-commerce industry.

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Social Media Management

We help take care of your Fanpage professionally and meticulously through technology and people platform. We help control and optimize the customer conversion process, contribute to media management and promptly handle brand-related issues, protect the brand image on the online platform.

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